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At Gower Law & Mediation, we offer seasoned experience in handling all types of divorce proceedings. We will work with you to ensure that your rights, concerns, and specific needs are protected during the dissolution action and we strive to achieve an equitable outcome for your proceeding, be it through negotiation or litigation.

California law provides that spousal support or “alimony” may be granted to either spouse in connection with a proceeding for marital dissolution or legal separation. The law governing alimony is complex and permits contractual alterations of statutory provisions. Whether you are seeking alimony or you have been requested to pay spousal support, it is in your best interest to seek the guidance of experienced counsel. At Gower Law & Mediation, we diligently work to ensure that your legal rights are protected and that any order or agreement for alimony is fair, equitable, and an adequate reflection of the specific needs of your matter.

Given the variations in the law and the numerous factors affecting the amount of alimony payable from one party to the other, it is essential that you receive sound legal advice, whether you are the party paying support or the party receiving support. If litigation is in your best interest, we meticulously discover and document all relevant factors and aggressively advocate on your behalf to ensure that the Court’s order of support is fair and just.

At the Gower Law & Mediation, we work diligently to negotiate, litigate, draft, and implement alimony orders that meet the needs of our  clients without sacrificing valuable rights. Whether your matter requires a simple amicable agreement or consideration of highly complicated financial assets, we offer considerable experience in achieving favorable alimony terms for our clients.

We also assist clients who seek modification of an existing support order due to a change in circumstances and we can assist you in enforcing an existing order for alimony.

We also recognize that child custody and parental visitation is a sensitive yet critical aspect of family law litigation, and decisions must be made that will have a significant impact on your children.

In California, child custody and visitation requires consideration of the best interests of the child. This standard mandates that the Court consider various sensitive factors which may increase the stress, discomfort, and disagreement between parents. This area of the law requires the knowledgeable, compassionate, and responsive representation that the Gower Law & Mediation provides. It is in your best interest, and that of your children, to rely on an attorney to advise you during mediation and advocate for you during the adversarial judicial process.

At Gower Law & Mediation, our divorce attorneys in Carlsbad diligently work on behalf of our clients to obtain accurate information to substantiate income and expenses, including discovery of hidden or non-traditional sources of income, to ensure that the amount of child support is an accurate reflection of the incomes of the parties in an effort to protect the best interests of the children for whom the support is ordered. We will counsel you as to the factors that affect the amount of child support payable, and gather all the financial information necessary to ensure that a child support order is entered which properly applies the child support guidelines within the particular circumstances of your case


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