Attorney Fee Assistance

At Gower Law & Mediation, we realize that paying for an attorney is not always within a person’s budget. We attempt to be as flexible as possible when setting up payment plans, and we do accept credit card payments. Importantly, the California Family Code offers assistance in paying for attorney’s fees in the form of a “fee shifting” statute. If your spouse has a higher income than your income, you may petition the court to have your spouse contribute to your attorney’s fees.  This statute aims to make sure that both parties can afford quality legal representation in court, and to ensure that a higher earning spouse cannot bully a lower earning spouse through aggressive litigation.

Please contact our office in Encinitas for a free consultation regarding attorney fee assistance, payment plans and fee shifting opportunities. Our office is centrally located and easy to access from Carlsbad, Oceanside, Encinitas and other North County San Diego locations.


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