Choosing the Best Divorce Attorney in San Diego

Matters of family law can be extremely difficult to navigate. Topics such as division of marital property, child custody and alimony are only a few of the details that can be the subject of litigation. If you are facing any one of these complicated issues, finding the best divorce attorney in San Diego to represent your case can be a daunting task. There are many factors to consider when seeking out quality representation, especially if you don’t have anyone to give you a personal referral based on their previous experience. There are, however, some qualifiers that you can use to make an educated decision.

Research Divorce Lawyers in Your Area Online

Not all of the best divorce attorneys in your area will have a strong online presence, but it is a good place to start. Typically firms that perform well are able to spend more money to grow their business with budgets for marketing advertising. This is not to say that there aren’t many other law firms with lesser marketing presences that are equally as good. The key is to do extended research after finding a starting list of firms with a strong presence in your area. Items to consider for your review are the content and message of their website – Do they seem to have a caring message about the individuals that they represent or just boast about getting the most money for their clients? Also look at any blog posts or FAQ sections to see if they provide detailed and relevant information about the services that they offer.

Conduct Phone Interviews with Your List of Divorce Attorneys

Almost all divorce attorneys have a number for you to call and offer free consultations. The important thing to keep in mind is who they make available to talk with you in these exchanges. Are the principal attorneys at the firm willing to return your call and discuss your unique case directly with you or do they have an intern that follows up with a series of generic questions? By hearing a qualified representative of the firm that you are considering hiring discuss in detail their strategy for you case, you can better understand their confidence and dedication for their work.

Contact Gower Law & Mediation

If you are beginning your search for the best divorce attorney in San Diego to take your case, consider contacting the Law Offices of Gower & Bluck to discuss your needs. Our attorneys offer personalized service and have a rich history of successfully providing services on a large variety of family law cases. If you would like more information about our services or for a free consultation, please call (619) 567-7389 today.

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