Domestic Violence and Restraining Orders

Victims of Domestic Violence

In all domestic violence situations, it is important that you act fast – for both your safety and to ensure that your rights are adequately protected.  Our attorneys can ensure that you receive prompt attention, representation, and protection.

Please be aware that domestic violence is not limited to physical abuse.  If you are a victim of stalking, harassment (i.e. a high volume of unwanted telephone calls and/or text messages), verbal abuse, threats, or psychological abuse, we can help you.

A broad range of relief is available to protect you.  The family law attorneys at Gower Law & Mediation can have the dangerous party immediately removed from your residence and can ensure that you receive no further contact from said party.  We can help you obtain emergency custody orders and can get you quick financial relief.  We can get firearms confiscated, and we can help to get the dangerous party arrested should he/she violate these orders.

Do not allow the abuse to continue.  Contact us today to start the paperwork.

Accused of Domestic Violence?

Too frequently people exaggerate for the purpose of obtaining a domestic violence restraining order.  They often think it will give them an advantage in a custody proceeding, a more favorable support amount, leverage in negotiations, or they simply file out of spite.

Unfortunately, there are severe consequences that attach if restraining orders are issued.  They can adversely affect your employment as they appear during background checks and you must list them on job applications.  They can drastically impact your custody rights as there is a presumption against joint physical custody should there be a history of domestic violence.  They can also prevent you from receiving spousal support – no matter how much you need it.

It is thus imperative that you fight back when served with a domestic violence restraining order.  But defending a restraining order successfully requires skilled litigation.  Often, they are “he said/she said” matters, and without proper presentation of evidence at court it is difficult to obtain a dismissal.  Further, the burden of proof to obtain a permanent restraining order is low – it does not take much for the Judge to decide that a restraining order is necessary.

If you have been served with a restraining order, call one of our attorneys today to set up a free consultation.  Time is of the essence, and waiting will only handicap your case.


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