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When a marriage is beyond the point of repair, dissolution can sometimes be the only remaining option. Unlike an annulment which deems a marriage contract as void, dissolution is the termination of a marriage. The Encinitas divorce lawyer team of Gower & Bluck has a rich history of litigating all types of family law matters to allow their clients to focus on taking the next steps in life. In addition to having an extensive understanding of all of the legal aspects of family law, Gower & Bluck also understand the overwhelming personal stresses of dealing with these types of matters. They approach every case to ensure that personal care and attention is given for each particular client that they represent.

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How is Legal Separation Different from Divorce or Dissolution?

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The key difference between legal separation and divorce is the termination of marriage. Legal separation allows a couple to still keep the marriage contract intact should they decide to reconcile at a later time. Conversely, a couple that is legally separated can choose to file for dissolution at a later time as well. In either case, complicated factors such as custody and division of marital property still need the professionalism of a qualified legal representative in order to get effectively navigated. Finding the proper team to guide you through the process can allow you to relieve some of the burden of an already emotionally charged situation.  The team at Gower & Bluck can handle these issues and many more such as;

• Child Custody
• Child Support
• Military Divorce
• Domestic Violence and Restraining Orders
• Prenuptial and Postnuptial Agreements

Whether your case goes to trial or only requires mediation, our team will ensure that we provide a fair outcome for all parties involved.

Do I Need a Divorce Lawyer?

Even in cases where both parties are mutual in the decision to terminate a marriage, hiring a professional divorce lawyer can protect you from unexpected challenges down the road. There is nothing worse than moving on to the next stage in your life only to be blindsided by a grievance from an ex that had a “change of heart.” It takes time for the full effects of separation or divorce to set in, and many people end up fighting legal issues long after they thought a “resolution” was in place because there was never any legal documentation of their alleged “agreement.”

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