Four Effects that the Digital World Has on Divorce Rates

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The digital world is changing the face of marriage in notable ways. What were previously private unions are now open for scrutiny and comparison to other relationships all over the world. Furthermore, websites and apps increase opportunities to stray, which may drive temptation for some. With instant access to information, partners do not need to stay in an unhealthy or dis-satisfactory marriage for a moment longer than necessary. All of these factors have a negative impact on the divorce rate by weakening unions over time.


Social Media Decreases Marital Satisfaction

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Every time you look at your social media feeds you are seeing hand selected moments – the cream of the crop, rather than the disasters behind the scenes. Even if you realize people only show their best moments through these online venues, you may still feel inclined to compare your relationship to those high standards. As you make the unfair comparisons, feelings of doubt often creep in at an alarming rate. If you do not harness those feelings and eventually refuse to compare, resentment could chip away at the bonds of your marriage.


Quick Connections Increase Temptation

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The ability to reconnect with old flames or crushes with a few clicks of a button makes it difficult to keep temptation levels low throughout the marriage. Even if you never act on those feelings, the internal conflict can cause strife between you and your partner. Attempts to reach out may result in infidelity that destroys the union you previously worked so hard to maintain.


Saucy Apps Facilitate Affairs

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Newly developed applications expand the temptation to stray. These apps allow you to slide through the site options in search of a pretty face, where a few curious swipes can turn into an unmitigated disaster as the conversation starts to flow. Just having the apps on your phone can allow doubt and mistrust to dissolve your partners commitment to maintaining the marriage, no matter how many times you claim a curious streak drove you to try it out.

Instant Information Encourages Change

Marriage is not always a walk in the park. Many couples struggle with dull or frustrating periods that require a lot of hard work to move past. The digital world is full of information about healthy marriage characteristics that may skew the outlook of couples in trouble. Furthermore, the Internet contains tons of information about the benefits and procedures associated with filing divorce. Instead of waiting it out, you might feel inclined to end the union rather than wait it out or try to resolve the overwhelming issues.

As long as couples are able to use the digital world as an easy way out, access to the Internet will continue to impact divorce rates. In order to minimize this influence, you may need to adjust your expectations for the journey toward marital bliss.


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