Is There Really Such a Thing as the Best Time to Divorce?

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There is really no such thing as “the best time to divorce.” There may be factors that will make it easier, or a situation that makes it imperative, but it is never the goal of a newlywed couple to end up in the divorce courts. That being said, depending on your situation, there may be better times than others to file.

Abusive Relationship

If you are in an abusive relationship, whether it is focused on you, your child, or both, the time to get out is now. Staying in the marriage and attempting to fix things only puts you and your child at risk for further harm.  If you stay you could end up losing your child, as the courts may feel you did not do enough to protect him/her from the abusive parent.

However, filing for divorce while still living in the home could end up with disastrous consequences. You will want to find somewhere that you can go in order to be safe from the repercussions that you might face from your spouse once you file. There are many domestic violence shelters available to help displaced families.  These shelters are able to provide a home, legal support, and advocates to help you establish a safer living situation for you and your children.

Financial Exposure

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Filing for divorce can be an expensive endeavor, so before you leave, you will want to look at your financial situation. If you are the breadwinner, you will most likely be looking at spousal and/or child support, and you will want to talk to an attorney about your financial liability. If you are a stay-at-home parent, you could be looking at a significant loss of support. You will need to look at how this will impact your current work situation, and if you will need to go get employment outside of the home.

Impact on Children

Couple fighting in front of child

Children almost never respond positively to their parents getting divorced, but you can reduce the amount of impact that it has on them by the ways in which you handle the timing of the situation. If the child is present during repeated arguments and the home has become a battlefield, you will want to divorce quickly so as to remove that stress from your child’s life. After the age of five, and before the age of 18, are the years when a divorce will have the most impact on your child and their development. If you can wait until most of their formative years have passed, it will undoubtedly be easier on your children, as the older they are the more capable they are of understanding the situation.



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