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Social Evaluation & Custody

What is a Social Evaluation and How is it Used to Determine Custody? If the court is making decisions that will impact your children, it’s scary – no matter the situation. However, if you’re getting divorced and you and your former spouse can’t agree on how you’ll share parental

How are Your Child Support Payments Determined in California?

Child support can be a contentious subject for any separating couple. To make matters even worse, calculating child support in California isn’t easy. In fact, the formula the courts use to determine a parent’s monthly payment is so complex that the state requires a computer program to

What Can You Expect in a Contested Dissolution?

No matter how hard you try, it’s not always possible to come to an agreement with your spouse regarding the terms of your dissolution or divorce. If you’re in this situation, you’ll likely be facing a contested dissolution – a dissolution in which both parties

Effective, Efficient and Quality Representation are the Keys to Successful Divorce

How do You Find the Right Divorce Lawyer? Finding the right attorney to represent you in something as personal as a divorce can be overwhelming. All across the internet, experts suggest interviewing a few attorneys to find the right fit for you, but what do you actually look for? Well